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The Aethan Dor
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The Wheel of Time turns and Ages come and pass. Leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gives it birth comes again. -quote from beginning of WOT books.

The Memories of Mat
Theory submitted by: The Aethan Dor
Okay, first Mat starts to lose his memory. At the same time he starts spurting out Old Tongue. In the Crown of Swords we know that he often goes between a Manetheren-type accent and some other kind of accent. In my opinion the Manetheren accent is from the Old Blood, which Moiraine often stated still flows strongly in the Two Rivers. The other one came from the Shadar Logoth dagger.
First I think that the dagger bored holes not only in Mat's memory of things in HIS lifetime, but also in the barrier between Manetheren and NOW. Since everyone is some one else reborn and it would make sense that Manetheren people would be reborn as people who live in Manetheren. What I mean is that in most Two Rivers people can understand Old Tongue, at least they can partially understand it. Like Egwene for example: 'She felt like she could almost understand it, like she should understand it' (or something like that, it's in the Eye of The World correct me if I'm wrong). So most Two Rivers people can ALMOST understand Old Tongue while Mat can not only understand it, but can speak it too. The dagger broke the barrier in Mat that is blocking everyone else from speaking Old Tongue and his past lifes. I also believe that the Shadar Logoth dagger helped Mat to get to this point.
From the Guide and Moiraine we know that Aridhol was once an ally of Manetheren. Manetheren (from what I assume) spoke the Old Tongue, or the more educated people in Manethern spoke the Old Tongue, (look at this quote from Birgitte: "One moment you talk like a Manetheran LORD....") I think that Mordeth left a little bit of influence on Mat, and that influence is the ability to speak the Old Tongue. Mordeth was a counselor and 2nd only to a King, Manetheren high lords spoke Old Tongue why should't Mordeth?
Here's something else that's kind of crazy that I just thought of: I think I remember reading that if you take something from Shadar Logoth then you slowly become Mordeth, he takes over your body, and if you resist then he kills you. Mordeth left something of himself with Mat. Something that the Aes Sedai missed. I think that Mat was unaware of what was happening to him when he first go the dagger, then when Moiraine healed him he couldn't really remember anything that happened before. The closer his memories got to Caemlyn the foggier they got. The closer Mat got to Caemlyn the more tainted and more like Mordeth Mat became. (keep in mind this is just a fantasy and I am not sure I believe it myself, just ignore the paragraph above)
Now to tie that info above in with his memories. He got he memories from the ter'angreal. I think that while one barrier had to be broken for Mat to speak the Old Tongue, yet another had to be broken for his memories.
Every one in WoT world is someone else reborn. Mat remembers many battles, but not one memory that I can think of was from exactly the same time. I think that Mat, like Rand*, had his barrier between this life and his past lives weakened. Then the ter'angreal people (forgot what they are called) broke it all the way and put his past memories in the holes of his memories of his own life. Thus making it possible for Mat to remember so many things.
*What I meant by this statement is that Rand has Lews Therin in his head. I explain this by the fact that the taint on Saidin broke down the barrier for Rand, like Mat. Many male channelers have reported hearing voices. This explains the voices. The taint kills the barrier between this life and past lives of the people they were. Like how the Shadar Logoth evil wore away Mat's barriers.