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The Aethan Dor
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This section of my site is basic facts on WOT, it is mainly for the newbies to WOT.

WOT books

The Eye of the World (Wheel of Time #1)
The Eye of the World (Wheel of Time #1)

Eye of The World

Robert Jordan

Oliver Rigney Jr., or Robert Jordan ,the author of the WOT,was born 1948 in Charleston South Carolina. He now lives there with his wife Harriet. He graduated from the Citadel.

As a child of the age of 5, his older brother would read him the classics like Mark Twain. One time, later on in his life, he was in the hospital for awhile(for what exactly I forget)and read all the greatest classics and works by the most renowned writers. When he finished them all, he decided he could write as good as some of them. That is when he first seriously decided to become a author. So far he has published 9 WOT books and is working on #10. He has also written many Conan the Barbarian books.

WOT books basic info:

The WoT starts with the Eye of The World. The main characters in these books are the three ta'veren, Rand al'Thor, Perrin Aybara, and (my favorite) Mat Cauthon. They left Edmond's Field in EoTW, in classic Science Fiction/Fantasy style(someone comes an warns them, says you are the last hope for the world, they flee in the night while being hunted by the Evil's warriors) but when you start reading you think you know where it is going (SciFi/Fantasy), but then it justs breaks off into many directions and doesn't resemble the classic way at all. Then it gets farther and farther away from the old classic way with each new book, until it is off in world/realm of its own. This in my mind makes it the best series ever. For more specific info on each book, click on the title of the one you are interested in.

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