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The Aethan Dor

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The Aethan Dor


Quote of the Day:
"As well to try to understand the sun. It simply is, and is not to be understood. You cannot live without it, but it exacts a price."

-quote from Gaul

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The Wheel of Time Roleplaying Game

12/7/01- I added theory post section and deleted the 'As the Wheel Turns' section. I gues I just got sick of it. I haven't updated this forever, so since last I added pictures and finished Eye of The World overview. I'm working on some 3d pics for my site. I probably will have em up after Christmas sometime.

12/8/01- I posted my Mat theory on Theory post, updated site and added a hit counter. Hey everyone don't forget to check on the Dragonmount movie progess, that looks awesome. and visit my link page!!!

12/9/01- I added quote of the day. I will update it reguarly. Soon I will add a page for you to suggest quotes.

12/10/01- I am almost done with Theory Post section, and right now I am working on making my site more interactive.

12/14/01- Tripod wasn't working for the past 2 days (or was it just me??) just worked on theory post and remember, VOTE ON THE QUESTIONS!!!

POST YOUR OWN THEORY HERE, just click on this and email me with it I will post it as fast as I can. I have a life too you know!!!



The Eye of the World (Wheel of Time #1)
The Eye of the World (Wheel of Time #1)