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Eye of The World

The Eye of The World is the first book in the WOT series, it is before most of the characters and subplots are introduced. It is probably one of the best in the series. The main characters in this book are Rand al'Thor, Mat Cauthon, and Perrin Aybara.The Eye of The World starts out from Rand's point of view. It starts out simply Rand, Mat, and Perrin see black cloated strangers, and there is a woman and a man they have never seen before. Then the Trollocs attack and they have to flee Edmond's Field. Then comes a part at that time that seems unimportant, but turns out to affect the plot forever. The part i'm refering to of course is Shadar Logoth. What I meant when I said it affects the plot forever is that Mat gets the dagger that leaves holes in his memory that leave room for later new memories of war which gives Rand an awesome general. This all happens in later books, though.

After that happens they get split up, Mat, Rand, and Thom one way, Perrin and Egwene another, and Moirane, Lan and Nynaeve yet another way. Rand's group apparently stays on the right path and reachs Caemlyn before the rest, while Perrin's takes a detour with some Whitecloaks unitl Lan's group saves them. Thom we lose track of altogether after a fight with a Fade. That is about the only character that dies/gets crippled.

They all get to Caemlyn and go to Fal Dara via Waygate.

When they get to Fal Dara They go to the Eye of The World and Rand fights 2 forsaken. They find out Rand is the Dragon Reborn (at least Moiraine does) and they go back to Fal Dara.


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